Impressions from the past 

Impressions from my past 

Ceaselessly  amaze me 

The Smells the sunny beams

Wooden doors the paint

The friends the chattery

Sweet emotions so fresh

Everything feels like 

I am still there
Time stands still

As I enjoy the feast

Many joys some pains

The losses the gains

The people i lost

Many still visit my heart

Take a seat speak a lot

No am not insane

Just walking my walk
Are the Impressions

Awaiting to wipe away?

But I hold on to them

I want them to stay

At times I ponder

And look beyond the yonder

I gather them again

And share them with you

They can inspire many

Barely disappoint a few
Hold on to the impressions

As they take a stride

Longing to long

Like a happy song

You can hum them

Or string them along

You can add the drums

Or just play along

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