The Mask 

Time to reflect

Need to salvage 

And all that  i believed

The culture  i was born in

 Oh what  I left  behind

What have I become ?
Some losses and some gains

learnings and relationships

Good friends some foes

The yearning and more

Years of toil and  travel
Some yolks were heavy

Others felt light

Plans and dreams

Of People and places
The years have gone by 

I seem to feel lost

Who am I ? 

I try to find me in the lot

The awareness the Self

My purpose and all

But I wear a mask

That I never made

While i was busy

The focus was never me

 The pace was not me
My food was not me

The clothes were not me
My hair was not me

The self  was not me
I now travel inwards

Just to wake up and see 

Trying to know me

Hoping when they cremate me
May they find “me”

Oh I just want to fly

On wings that is “me” 

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