Oh Bali 

There were no plans
it just fell in place

An Island of peace

A kingdom a race
The eternal summer breeze

My senses are at ease

The love i can touch
The gentle smiles I see

The roads are narrow

And the falls are steep
Balinese find the way

Swirling around

Without the sound

A faith so profound

Wonder where else

Could this be found?
I see the spirit of grandeur

Reflected on doors

I see offerings and Incense

As they reach for the Skies

In thanks and rebuke

Forbidding troubles should there be
I capture every picture

To save in memory

Should I ever wonder

How life could be ….

The subtle flavours of food

The aroma of lemon grass

The orchids in my hair

The massage and the milky bath
The smile and the courtesies

Have spoken to my heart

As I drive past I wonder even more

The Art the Sculpture amaze me

They seem to educate me
The more I unlearn…

What good am I chasing ?

I am weary of what is thrust

I suddenly feel so heavy

And want to lay down to rest
Then a whisper greets me

Life is not simply what I know

If I looked really hard

It has plenty to show …

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very beautiful. Comes straight from the heart and…Bali…


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