Kalpana Deswal

We all have a story. I take the nicest parts of mine and weave them into a tapestry to express my mind and soul .


My gifts are immense and continue to rain down on me. I have walked the world of major corporations to receive the gift of a splash of color and the song of my heart expressed in words. I cannot extinguish the ‘I’. It carries the flavor of my experiences and the essence of my existence on this planet.
Every being has left an impression on my mind. I have learned to live and enjoy the moment. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend, this life has been positive and worthy of paint and poetry. The words flow, images come to life and expression is born.
I am also a certified NLP coach and travel extensively between Australia and India. My two gorgeous daughters and a wonderful husband make me smile!
Stop by anytime and enjoy my work. It’s all positive!!